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What adapter do I need for my TV, Display or Projector?

Apple's article covers most of the cables needed, except for some Thunderbolt Macs. 


If you have a Thunderbolt Mac, one of the Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapters might be needed for HDMI, one of the Thunderbolt to Dual-Link DVI for Dual-Link DVI (for devices such as Apple's Cinema 30-inch HD Flat Panel Display M9179LL/A), one of the Thunderbolt DVI adapters for regular DVI, and one of the Thunderbolt to VGA adapters needed for VGA.


With pre-2006 Macs, the iBook article from Apple covers iBook adapters. 

The 12" Powerbook article covers those Powerbooks.


For those wishing to connect their AppleTV as a display, this user tip explains what an AppleTV can do, and can't do, and what alternatives exist.


I have no affiliation with Amazon or the distributers selling those adapters,  or knowledge if the links from Amazon are working adapters for your configuration.

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